艾爾科技為專注於先進語言教學系統研發的教育軟體公司,首創「 MyET ,我的口說家教」數位學習平台,提供英語、日語及華語課程,提供學習者嶄新而有效的線上學習經驗。學習者藉由不斷地聆聽與複述最道地的腔調,像學習母語般自然習慣句子的文法結構,達到學習外語的最佳效果。自2003年推出以來,MyET 已經在世界各地擁有300萬名以上的使用者。



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2018 Thailand Chinese Speaking Contest

MyET will hold a large-scale online Chinese speaking contest in Thailand from November 1st to November 28th, 2018. During the competition, students can enter the contest an unlimited number of times. MyET also offers excellent scholarships and certificates to encourage students of all ages who are interested in learning Chinese.

L Labs is an educational software company that focuses on developing innovative language learning tools. L Labs’ primary product, MyET, uses advanced speech analysis technology to provide language learners with solid online learning results. MyET is used by over 3,000,000 learners worldwide.

The purpose of the contest is to help Thailand students of all ages to better take root in learning a second language as well as to promote a multi-lingual approach to language learning. Via the Internetb students who study Chinese all over the country can communicate together on an open platform, and improve their Chinese application ability.

Before the official contest begins, students can make familiar with the MyET software through a warm-up match. The warm-up match starts from now to October 26th. Although the result of the warm-up match is not counted in the official ones, the excitement of competing is no less than the official contest.

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